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Featured in the North America Rock Garden Society (NARGS) National Publication

”11 Rock Gardens of Colorado” 

Plant Select®:

A Plant Select Demonstration Garden

   The Purpose of the Demonstration Gardens Program

  •  To show Plant Select® plants introduced and recommended plants to their fullest capacity;
  •  To increase public awareness of the beauty, variety, and resilience of Plant Select® plants, especially on local and regional levels;
  •  To promote sustainable horticultural practices;
  •  To encourage regionally appropriate gardening.
  •  These goals should be accomplished through:
  •  Good garden design with regular garden maintenance.
  •  A well-planned educational program (e.g. signage, brochures, events, etc.)

   Requirements for Plant Select® Demonstration Gardens

  • Education of visitors must be the garden’s primary purpose.

  • Garden must be open to the public year round.
  • Garden must be at least one year old before application will be considered.
  • Clear and legible signage must include proper plant names and the Plant Select® logo.
  • Funds must be available for ongoing maintenance and education of visitors must be the garden’s primary purpose.

Plant Select Test Facility

Plant Select Growing Partner

Showcase Garden Award

The Showcase Garden Award acknowledges the efforts and achievements of a public garden toward education and promotion of the mission and goals of Plant Select®. The 2014 Showcase Garden Award recipients are:  Durango Botanical Society,

2016 Golden Shovel Award

Golden Shovel Award: Plant Select® partners with 65 public gardens across the Rocky Mountain region to display plants that flourish in local communities, providing provide educational opportunities to homeowners and professionals alike. This award recognizes a Demonstration Garden partner exhibiting superior design, care, and use of Plant Select® plants while providing excellent educational opportunities to visitors. The 2016 recipient of the Golden Shovel Award is the Durango Botanical Society and the Durango Botanic Gardens. Founded in 2010 by a group of local gardening enthusiasts and professionals, the garden has grown to now include extensive gardens displaying prairie plants, xeric annuals, South African gems, plants from forest and alpine areas, “tough plants for tough places” and an area described as “survival of the fittest” where no additional water is applied.

Habitat Hero Garden Awarded by

Rocky Mountain Audubon Society

Audubon Garden and Education Partner

American Society of Botanical Artists

American Orchid Society Member and Education Partner


North American Rock Garden Society Member

Featured in the national publication "The 11 Rock Gardens of Colorado"

Colorado Succulent and Cactus Society Member and Partner

Colorado Garden Foundation Grant Recipient

Ballantine Family Fund Recipient

Denver Botanic Garden Partner

American Public Garden Association Member

Colorado State Extension Education Partner

Durango Library Advisory Board and Friends of the Library Grant Recipient

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