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Aline Schwob is the new keeper of the Library Bookcase. She is creating a new display as we speak. Aline was a graduate of the 2016 Class of Durango Botanic Society Docents.

My childhood was spent traveling the world with my US Army parents.  We lived in Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil, CA, GA, OK, MI,  and NM.  After college in NM and marriage, I have lived in TX, WA, HI and now CO, which is definitely the last stop in this lifetime.

I taught high school biology for a couple of years, took some time off, returned to school to pursue nursing and eventually wrapped up my working days as a Geriatric Nurse Practioner. 

For many years I was a sometime gardener, mostly operating on the trial and error method, with mixed success.  After retirement, I was able to take the Master Naturalist course in TX, and then the Master Gardener course here in Durango.  Although I still practice trial and error gardening I now have some better results. As a DBS Docent I have learned much more about the right plants in the right places. 

My other post-retirement activities are watercolor and pastel painting, quilting, skiing, hiking, and biking as well as several volunteer jobs.

My husband and I have 3 grown children between us, 7 grandchildren, and a black lab named Sprite.

Please contact me if you have any suggestions for the Bookcase or want to see some information on certain plants or garden techniques. 

If you have something to display or just want to tell her what a great job she is doing please contact her directly. dbslibrarydocent@gmail.com

Docent and Board Member Theresa Anderson puts the first donation in our new donation box located in the DBS Bookcase at the library. Dave Potter created our new beautiful box. Help us create gardens and slip some change in the box next time you are at the library. 

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