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 BookCase Stones

Book Stone    In the  Library Demonstration Garden

                     “THE BOOKCASE” 

          Strip Stone Engraving  $300 each stone

                                Erik Lewis    Canyon Landscape

The first section of the wall is almost full. Erik Lewis our stone mason and metal forger is installing the next section of metal supports. Stop by and see our progress.

The Reading Club of Durango recently celebrated the life of their member and friend Kay Haukeness by setting a bookcase stone in her honor.

The Strip stone engravings can be purchased to be on permanent display in the Library Demonstration Garden. These stones are attached to the wall behind the garden mimicking spines of books and representing names of donors. This special Bookcase represents Durango Botanical Society's relationship with the library. It reinforces our mission to connect the community to public gardens through education. Strip stones are pieces of sandstone cut to 2 1/2” (face) x 4” in various lengths 28” max. Length will be determined by the number of characters to be engraved. 

Two sizes of  font may be used based on the number of characters:  1.4375” for up to 14 characters and 1” for over 14 characters with a maximum of 20 characters (including spaces).  

Eagle Block and Craft Memorial have been great supporters of this project and we want to thank them and their wonderfully skilled staff. Thank you to all the brawny men who set these stones so perfectly.

email us at: durangobotanical@gmail.com for more information you may also fill out the form on the Donation page.

Click here to go to our donation and ordering page Buy a Bookcase Stone

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