Durango BOtanical Society

Building Public Gardens Committed to Demonstration and Education

Support our Work: Purchase a Garden Path Stone

An legacy that will resonate for generations to come

Pathway stones are placed through the center of the Demonstration Garden.  Most stones measure approximately 3-4′ by 3-4′. While the minimum charge for these stones is $1500 for about six lines of content; larger stones and more intricate or art may warrant additional costs.  

There are approximately 20 STONES AVAILABLE   This is a very rare opportunity as this type of engraving and stone placement is seldom offered in any public gardens. The engraving rocess is a lost art and takes a great deal of time to harvest the stones, transport them to our engraver, and transport and set the stones in the garden  It does take, in most cases, several months from the purchase of the stone to the stone setting. We thank our partners Eagle Block and Craft Memorials for their dedication in making this project possible. 

Our new path design plan will allow you to pick the spot for your stone. This a perfect way for a corporation or community organization to support public gardening and volunteerism in our community.

Click here to buy a stone. Buy a Flagstone

email us at: durangobotanical@gmail.com for more information  You may also fill out a form online.
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