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Building Public Gardens Committed to Demonstration and Education

The Durango Botanic Gardens include the Library Demonstration Garden (pictured below), The Crevice Gardens Along the Trail, The Arboreta which includes the Gabbro Miniature Conifer Garden, the Miniature Tree Garden, the Arboretum (large tree specimans) and the Arboretum Along the Trail (a mix of transition trees). These gardens were designed by Lifetime Member Lisa Bourey of Lisa Bourey Horticultural Designs. Our contractor for these gardens, the king of all things boulder, Erik Lewis from  Canyon Landscape.  These gardens will evolve as we study the various species. The Arboreta is in various phases of design and construction. These gardens (2017-2020) offer the public a rare chance to watch design, construction of hardscape element and planting. The Arboreta also offers information on fire mitigation and drought tolerant plants and trees. Please take a tour on Saturday mornings between at 9 am May through September.  Special tours are available by calling 970-749-5642.

Completed Gardens in the Durango Botanic Garden system were designed and developed by DBS members. These gardens are supported by and maintained by the Durango Botanical Society for the purposes of education and demonstration.  The gardens evolve as testing  and studies are concluded.  Some plants and trees make it here and others do not. We are dedicated to sharing this information with the public so that they can choose plants and trees that are proven winners in our harsh and unusual climate. So you may see some plants not listed in our literature or maybe a listed plant can't be found. That would be because the plant or tree was still being studied and not quite ready for public sale or that the plant just didn't make it.

The Library Demonstration Garden is a rock garden with extensive rock work and boulder placement. This garden was given the designation in a national NARGS publication as " 11 Rock Gardens Across Colorado" . The final phase of this project was the Crevice Gardens Along the Trail. These gardens represent the trend in rock gardening and show how to develop and maintain gardens of this nature in our climate and terrain. 

We are able to design, develop and maintain public gardens through the efforts of our members, volunteers and partners. Listed below are partners who are making a difference to our organization.  

Denver Botanic Gardens

Colorado Garden Show Foundation

The Colorado Garden Foundation

Durango Public Library Advisory Board

The Friends of the Library

The City of Durango

La Plata County Extension Services


Ballantine Family Fund

Plant Select

Ballantine Fund

North American Rock Garden Society

Audubon Society

Habitat Heros

American Public Garden Association

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