Durango BOtanical Society

Building Public Gardens Committed to Demonstration and Education

Jessie Morgan

I have walked and ridden my bike by the demonstration garden many times and admired it's beauty and charm. It is fun watching the progress as well. I vaguely knew about The Durango Botanical Society but hadn't given it much thought.

Then I went to a Bear-Smart event a month ago where several ladies from the Durango Botanical Society were set up at the local nursery to help others and answer questions. After chatting with them and asking about lifetime memberships, I decided that I would love to support this wonderful organization. That was before I found out about the discount offered through them at some local nurseries. Bonus! 

As the first individual lifetime member, I am excited to welcome other individuals who want to encourage and support D.B.S. financially. Of course the opportunity to learn more about what grows best in our microcosm is another great reason to join! You can get involved as little or as much as you want. I am guessing that as you meet and learn from these knowledgeable people, that you will be inspired! I know I am.

Melanie Palmer

Volunteering is a way of life for the Durango community.  There are SO many non-profits from which to choose.   As a Colorado Master Gardener, I became involved with the Durango Botanical Society shortly after the Demonstration Garden was constructed and thereafter helped develop and lead the fledgling Docent Program.  The enthusiasm and energy of gardeners in this area, and the DBS Board and Docents in particular, is very contagious.  While I have given many hundreds of hours to DBS, I feel that it is important to financially support the organizations we are passionate about to the extent we are able.  As an all-volunteer organization, DBS needs financial support in order to make sure that this community treasure, which so many people have told us they admire and appreciate, is maintained for the benefit of the city and the region. 

Mike Smedley

Image result for images durango mike smedleyOur number one bulb guru. Mikes front lawn is a blooming kalidescope of color every spring. Mike, a Master Garnder, helps us in so many ways and we appreciate his participation in all things DBS.  Don't miss his bulb presentation at our annual bulb sale, this year on October 19.  

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