Durango Botanic Gardens a 2016 project will consist of a Literary Garden, a Zen Garden, a Children's Garden and a newly renovated amphitheater.

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Durango Botanic Gardens 

A  project designed by Landscape Designer Jane Collard Gould, the new garden project committee members( Camilla Potter, Theresa Anderson, Margaret Cozine, Cindy Smart) and design consultant Lisa Bourey.

The first phase of this project is the Crevice Garden Along the Trail and the Gabbro Miniature Conifer Garden ( A Wind Garden Design) were completed in 2016..

The  Crevice Garden Design Team of  Kenton Seth, Lisa Bourey and Erik Lewis led a workshop and tours last May.Kenton gave a presentation about this new specimen garden. Many of these plants have been donated by Denver Botanic Gardens and are very rare.The map below is a work in progress. There are two gardens on the trail level leading to the library. There is an additional crevice garden on the upper shelf below the deck area of the library building. On that upper shelf leading to the Children's Garden and the library will be a whimsical and miniature tree garden.

Below is the Demonstration Garden map showing the new Crevice Gardens Along the Trail that lead up to the new Durango Botanic Gardens. Rendition by Lisa Bourey.

The design team of Jane Gould, Lisa Bourey, John Anderson, Erik Lewis and Cindy Smart put the final touches on this wonderful asset to the Library and the Durango Botanic Gardens.

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